#TheWorldWeWant Campaign

The COVID-19 crisis is a massive disruption for people and economies. But it is also an opportunity to initiate systemic change. The post-coronavirus world we want is sustainable, resilient, solidarity-oriented, peaceful and inclusive.

To build a movement for change beyond the Young Activists Summit event, a wide online campaign will be launched on 20 November 2020.

This campaign will help amplify the voices of young people all around the world who are standing up for their future and have already made a remarkable difference whether in their communities or globally. 

It will also provide a platform for experts, decision-makers, celebrities, together with young activists, to share their strategy and concrete solutions to achieve a better world.

Assets will be made available to the media closer to the date.

Stay tuned and join us in shaping #TheWorldWeWant!



Amy & Ella Meek

Kids Against Plastic

15 and 17 years old, UK



Amy & Ella Meek (UK) founded “Kids Against Plastic”, a campaign for young people that addresses one of the world’s biggest environmental problems: plastic pollution.

The two sisters Amy and Ella Meek work with young people, schools and companies.



Hamangaí Pataxó


22 years old, Brazil



Hamangaí Pataxó (Brazil) defends the rights of indigenous peoples and nature conservation. Hamangaí Pataxó is a prominent member of Engajamundo, a Brazilian youth movement.

Instead of cutting down the forest, Hamangaí Pataxó suggests drawing inspiration from indigenous populations, who interact sustainably with nature.