Amy & Ella Meek

Kids Against Plastic

15 and 17 years old, UK

Amy & Ella Meek founded Kids Against Plastic, a campaign for young people that addresses one of the world’s biggest environmental problems: plastic pollution. The two sisters Amy and Ella work with young people, schools and companies. 15-year-old Ella has her own TV show on Sky Kids.


Amy and Ella Meek founded Kids Against Plastic at the beginning of 2016, when they first discovered for themselves the devastating impact that plastic is having on the environment. At the time, they were being homeschooled by their parents and were travelling around Europe, studying the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development. One of the 17 world goals piqued the girls’ interest (Number 14, Life Below Water) and it was through this that they came across the environmental crisis that is plastic pollution.


The lack of awareness and knowledge around plastic and our widespread misuse of it shocked Amy and Ella Meek. They had, of course, come across plastic pollution before, through the plastic bottles lying on roadsides and the plastic bags tangled in trees. But the scale of the problem, and the lack of options for people who wanted to be more sustainable in their habits, was what shocked them the most. It inspired them to do their bit, and take action themselves.


In the course of four years, what was once a small homeschool project has grown into an official charity. The girls have picked up nearly 70,000 pieces of single-use plastic out of their 100,000 goal (they aim to pick up one for every sea mammal killed by plastic in the oceans every year). They have also started a citizen science app to map litter across the UK. Amy and Ella Meek have given a TEDx talk and have spoken at Parliaments and industry conferences around Europe to challenge those with the corporate power to take urgent environmental action. 


Amy & Ella Meek received the “Young Activists Summit” award in 2019 at the United Nations in Geneva.