Hamangaí Pataxó


22 years old, Brazil

Hamangaí Pataxó is an advocate for indigenous rights and nature conservation. Hamangaí Pataxó is immersed in the fight for the indigenous land of the Pataxós Hã-hã-hae, south of Bahia. This area is affected by large development projects. 


Hamangaí Pataxó  teaches indigenous communities about their rights. She is involved in reforestation programs and acts as a national coordinator of Engajamundo, a Youth NGO. 


Hamangaí Pataxó  was present at COP 24 in Poland, as a part of the Engajamundo delegation in 2018. She participated in the Villagio per la Terra in Rome in 2019, where she spoke about the Amazon and why we should defend it and its peoples. This event was attended by young people and representatives of the European Union. 


Hamangaí Pataxó  was also present at the III Acampamento dos Povos Indígenas da Bahia (III Camp of the Indigenous Peoples of Bahia), during which, alongside with other young people, she elaborated an agenda to  defend indigenous territories, protect the rights of indigenous women including their right to attend universities, and to fight against the climate crisis.


Hamangaí Pataxó  received the “Young Activists Summit” award in 2019 at the United Nations in Geneva.