The first edition of the Young Activists Summit held on Human Rights Day last December 10th at the UN Headquarters in Geneva reached 8.2 million people worldwide. It drew world-renowned young female activists, including our guest of honour, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad.

In 2020, the coronavirus crisis invites us to reinvent the world of tomorrow. The second edition of the Young Activists Summit will focus on intergenerational dialogue and cooperation to implement systemic changes young activists demand.

The first step towards this year’s summit is a worldwide communication campaign with the slogan THE WORLD WE WANT, TIME FOR CHANGE. It will bring these messages to the attention of the general public and decision-makers. The goal is to match the demands of the youth with concrete solutions. The young generation is entitled to demand that the recovery plans it will fund be spent on rebuilding sustainable societies.

Their voices need to be heard and adult support is necessary.

Our aim is to foster dialogue and cooperation between young activists and key actors, to promote a society that protects the interests of contemporary and future generations.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad was the guest of honour of the first YOUNG ACTIVISTS SUMMIT (#YAS19), whose theme in 2019 was WOMEN AND GIRLS DRIVING PROGRESS.

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Young Activists Summit 2020

#YAS20 will be held in Geneva and Nairobi. It will focus on how to rebuild a post-coronavirus world which puts sustainability, resilience and solidarity at its heart.

Online campaign

The initial online campaign, launched in spring 2020, consists of video interviews with young activists and inspirational economists, philosophers, political and social scientists. These videos outline what kind of world young people are aiming to live in and routes to achieve it. The videos will be pushed to specific target audiences and made available to media around the world.